Liability and disciplinary law for accountants and tax consultants

We act for a wide range of accountants and tax consultants, from large and mid-sized consultancy firms to smaller firms that are faced with the occasional problem and are often referred to us by their insurers.

Over the years, we have conducted a number of high-profile cases in which accountants have been held liable by administrators and trustees of listed companies. We have advised tax consultants on the subject of claims ensuing from tax constructions, domestic and cross-border.

Disciplinary charges are brought against accountants and tax consultants with some regularity, and we handle dozens of such cases each year. We are familiar with and undaunted by the maze of regulations, directives, guidelines and practical guides that are applicable to the various professional groups. We have assisted various accountants in a number of major cases in the recent past. We defend professionals in cases brought by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the Public Prosecution Service and the Association of Stockholders (VEB).